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Our Dedication to You

About Us

      Over the past decade of experiences in sales and marketing for small businesses, we have learned what works and, more importantly, what doesn't. We have developed a passion for working with small businesses, specifically. We know the many  benefits that they offer to their surrounding communities and we are committed to putting our knowledge and skills to work to maximize those priceless benefits. We pride ourselves in staying current on the latest marketing trends, statistics, and techniques to ensure that our clients are receiving the best services possible. 

      We at Brooks Elite Contracting are dedicated to helping small businesses create a strong and recognized brand. We understand that larger corporations are capable of allocating major funds to advertising, so we work hard to make sure your business stands out with a plan that fits your budget. As a small business, we understand your marketing needs, desires, and most importantly, your doubt and frustration. Marketing has become an extremely intricate part of business with the never-ending list of ways to advertise in print and online. 

       We can create a custom marketing plan to fit your business needs and capabilities. We can start small, and as your business grows, so can your marketing plan. It is proven that a business with a strong social media presence that leads to an engaging and informative website is trusted and remembered more by consumers. Pairing this strong online presence with professional and appealing print material will create a strong brand that will be difficult for your potential customers to forget. Even if they do not purchase from you right away, your trusted and remembered business will be the first one thought of when your services are needed. 

        The question many small business owners have is, what marketing tactics are worth my time and money and which ones are a waste of both? We've got the answer for you!